SNURK Paper Desert Playsuit


Fully blend in with hot summer surroundings in this paper desert camouflage print. Can you see the hidden camels?

Baby playsuit with photo print made of 95% organic cotton, 5% elasthan.

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All SNURK products are made in Portugal under good working conditions (no child labour) and we consider ourselves a people and planet friendly brand. Our bedding, made from 100% organic cotton, is Oeko-Tex certified. Summarised: it is free of toxic substances and produced in a water-saving way. Our Horizontal Wear is a soft stretch jersay, also made from organic cotton, GOTS certified. The ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’ is the world’s leading textile processing standard for organic fibre. Fair trade production in Europe with Homemade prints and high quality & organic cotton means that our price is slightly higher than average. But you buy a quality, sustainable and honest product that has been designed and manufactured with love & pleasure for you. That’s a pleasant sleep.