Smell Memory Kit SSSL

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The Smell Memory Kit is an innovative and revolutionary tool that enables you to remember and capture the most important moments of your life, as smell evokes memory in a way that no other sense can.

Whenever you want to eternally record and memorize a moment, you just break open the Smell Kit Ampule, release the abstract smell molecules and take a deep breath. Abstract smells are smells that have not yet been connected with any memories so far. From now on this smell will bring back the memory and the emotion of this very moment each time you open your Smell Memory Amulet.

Each abstract smell comes in a set of 3 ampules, and a handmade metal amulet to carry your smell ampule wherever you go.

The Smell Memory Kit has been invented and developed by artist and researcher of smell Sissel Tolaas (SSSL), in close cooperation with the Smell Memory Lab at the SUPERSENSE palace in Vienna.

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