Olho da Rua – O Livro da Música do Filme

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Olho da Rua - O Livro da Música do Filme (Olho da Rua - The book of the music of the film).


“Olho da Rua” is a book that tells the story of the homonymous film by Jonathas de Andrade from the perspective of its music, composed by Homero Basílio. The book brings inside a box printed in silkscreen three pieces: a songbook with the scores and the history of its instruments, a mini poster with photo of the instruments in color, a second brochure that brings, in scene and sound, the voices of its creators, establishing a dialogue with Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed, method that instigated the theatrical propositions of the work.

With unpublished photographs and illustrations, texts by Jonathas, Homero and Márcio Bastos, the graphic design signed by Priscila Gonzaga is an invitation to enter the sounds that permeate the film – a rich texture born from the mixture of instruments from indigenous roots and from all over the world, orchestrated by Homero’s wide and diverse musical experience.

Dimensions: 26 × 18.5 cm
Genre: Film and Music
Pages: 147
Year: 2023