Frank Benson – Works from The Astrup Fearnley Collection

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Curator: Gunnar B. Kvaran
Paperback: 18,7 x 14 cm.
Number of pages: 77
ISBN: 978-82-93654-11-7


Mini-catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition Frank Benson – Works from the Astrup Fearnley Collection (02.01. – 04.24.2019).

Frank Benson (b. 1976) is one of the most fascinating sculptors of his generation of American contemporary artists.
The aesthetic development in the appearance of Benson’s figure sculptures is interesting to follow especially after he adopted 3D modelling programmes. This has given the figures a more constructed and distanced look and an ‘écriture’ that adds to the works a clear touch of originality and gives them a unique place within a long line of figurative sculptures in art history. During the last fifteen years, Astrup Fearnley Museet has closely followed Benson’s progress and production, and has been able to include an important body of his works in our collection. The exhibition showed all of these works together for the first time and gave a good insight to his artistic production.

The catalogue contains specially written texts published in connection with the exhibition. Read an interview with Frank Benson by Los Angeles-based art writer Travis Diehl and an essay by Kelly Taxter, Benson’s former gallerist and now curator at The Jewish Museum in New York.