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Mini-Catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition Elmgreen & Dragset - Biography in 2014.

Biography was the first major exhibition in Oslo by Elmgreen & Dragset. The exhibition presented a wide selection of works from the artist duo's complex universe, including sculpture, performance and interactive installations. Works from the late 1990s onwards were shown together with recent projects, and all together they created a unique insight into the artists’ oeuvre. Elmgreen & Dragset consider an exhibition to be a work of art in itself, with all its narrative, choreographic and social possibilities and Biography examined the very conditions of exhibiting.
Works that initially arrived from very different contexts were brought together and the new constellations of works generated altered readings and additional layers of meaning. When walking through the museum, one would experience environments which occurred very realistic, just in order to end up in almost surreal and other worldly scenarios elsewhere in the exhibition. Part of the museum's main exhibition hall was transformed into a gay nightclub, where the public encountered the remnants of a party, witnessing an activity going on prior to the opening of the exhibition. Additionally, areas of the museum not normally used as exhibition spaces were included in Elmgreen & Dragset's staging. Already in the museum’s cloakroom, the surprising elements that had been added to the existing architectural features would prepare the visitor for an exhibition that as well was an immersive theatrical/filmic experience.

The exhibition at the Astrup Fearnley Museet was the first in a three-part exhibition series by Elmgreen & Dragset entitled Biography. It was followed by exhibitions at the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen and at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Curators : Gunnar B. Kvaran and Kjersti Solbakken.
Paperback: 18,7 x 14cm.
ISBN: 978-82-91430-73-7

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