Cindy Sherman – Works from The Astrup Fearnley Collection

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Mini-Catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition Cindy Sherman - Works from the Astrup Fearnley Collection (19.01. - 25.02.2018).

Early in her career, Cindy Sherman (b. 1954) became one of the most important American ‘appropriation’ artists that revolutionized the international contemporary art in the end of the 70ties. Sherman was one of the first appropriation artists to be included in the Astrup Fearnley Collection, and ever since then she has had an increasing presence in one of the most important one-artist bodies of work within the collection.
A survey of her key works was presented in this exhibition, showing the real time of her career, as she grows and ages, through staged images and fictional narratives that overlap with reality.

Curator: Gunnar B. Kvaran
Paperback: 18,5 x 14 cm

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