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Julmud is an interdisciplinary artist based in Ramallah, Palestine. A key player within the city’s local music scene, he’s best known for his work as a producer, percussionist, keyboardist and vocalist.


The Ramallah-based producer, vocalist, musician and music researcher marries his collection of global-minded samples and sounds with his own weighty compositions that are full of colossal beats, intricate textures and enchanting melodies.

Tuqoos, Julmuds debut album release is a 15 track project rooted in heavy beats that bend space and time to subvert forms of enclosure. The sounds have an almost granular detailed texture while maintaining a gripping rhythmic flow via dense bass lines and a bitter sweetness in the melodies, blurring the lines between hanging on a street corner, at a protest or in a club. Produced in Ramallah – Palestine, Tuqoos pushes up against otherwise inaccessible space, resisting the conditions of a body in capture through sounds that morph, slip through and create breaks in times and spaces that remain occupied.

Released March 30, 2022

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All tracks produced and recorded by Julmud
Artwork by Ruanne Abou-Rahme & Basel Abbas
Typography + CGI by @moonistudio
Mastered by Kelly Hibbert (Almachrome)
Bilna’es, 2022

All rights reserved

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