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On 9 October, 2018, Astrup Fearnley Museet marked the 25 – years anniversary of it`s opening. On that occasion, art curator Sune Nordgren published a book about the history of the museum, Let's Talk Art. Astrup Fearnley Museum's first 25 years.

Sune Nordgren has written about the art collector Hans Rasmus Astrup and the dawning planning and establishment of a museum. The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art opened in Dronningensgate 4 on 9 October 1993. The museum was inaugurated by Queen Sonja, who in her speech «emphasized that this is art that has been selected without pressure from the public sector, only out of a simple desire to get to share it with others ». Nordgren visits the entire museum's exhibition history with both Norwegian modern art and contemporary art and the display of the international stars that had never before been shown in Norway, the art critics 'and the press' reactions, the major purchases, director changes and the move in 2012 to Tjuvholmen, in one of Oslo's new signal building.

Author: Sune Nordgren
Design and layout by Sune Nordgren
Language: Norwegian
Number of pages: 256
Released September 2018
ISBN: 9788293654087

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