Djeco Domino Animals

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This wooden domino game by New Classic Toys, is a perfect game for little ones. It has 28 double-sided dominoes featuring friendly farmyard animals on one side and dots on the other side. Playing this game is an excellent activity for developing fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities and training your logical thinking. Encourages social play while little ones develop recognition and speech skills.

Game rules: put all the dominos face-down on the table and mix them up. Each player takes 6 dominoes, if there are more than 3 players each player should only take 3. Don't let the other players see your dominoes! Players take turns to match to match the domino pieces. The winner is the first player that gets rid of all their dominoes.

Comes with a cotton bag for easy storage.
This domino game is made of FSC® 100%-certified wood.
Size: 90 x 45 x 5mm
Age: 36M +