Dinesen DD-2

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DD–2 is the name of the Dinesen Douglas oil blend, a calming scent for the home.

The Dinesen DD-2 Drops represents beautiful moments from the journey of the Douglas tree – from the freshness of a newly cut Douglas tree, the dryness from the sawmill, and the calm feeling of walking barefoot on hardwood planks. DD–2 is a homage to Dinesen Douglas and to Dinesen’s long tradition of staying curious.
Created in collaboration with artist and researcher in smell, Sissel Tolaas, and the architecture and design firm, Pneuma.

“With DD-2 we investigate how Dinesen Douglas comes across from a different perspective, from a different sense, the sense of smell.“
- Sissel Tolaas

Apply a few drops of the oil blend onto the DD-2 Object. A set consist of DD-2 oil blend (10 ml) and DD-2 Object (65 x 65 x 65 mm Douglas Classic)

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