Alpha Crucis – African Contemporary Art

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Exhibition catalogue for Alpha Crucis – Contemporary African Art (Jan 31, 2020 — Sept 6, 2020).

The catalogue presents images of all the works in the exhibition together with writings by eminent intellectuals and connoisseurs of contemporary art in Africa: Sean O’Toole (South Africa), Franck Hermann Ekra (Ivory Coast), Ayodeji Rotinwa (Nigeria) and Babacar Mbaye Diop (Senegal). With introductions by director Gunnar B. Kvaran and curator of the exhibition André Magnin.

Gunnar B. Kvaran: Alpha Crucis – Contemporary African Art
André Magnin: The entire planet, at last!
Babacar Mbaye Diop: The Promotion of Contemporary African Art in Sub-Saharan Africa
Franck Hermann Ekra: A Season of Stars - A Transafrican Story
Sean O’Toole: Notes Towards a Lexicon of Art and Place
Ayodeji Rotinwa: There Was (and Might Still be) a National Art: An abridged diagnosis of the Nigerian art industry

Pages: 272

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