50 Things to Do in the Urban Wild

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Increasing numbers of urban dwellers has led to many of us feeling alienated from the natural world. This is not how we are meant to live, and we don't have to. Even in the most built-up environment, nature makes its presence felt. All we have to do is let it in.

This book offers 50 invigorating activities and step-by-step projects to do exactly that, for anyone craving a connection with the natural world, but especially those living in cities and towns with limited daily access to it.


Green refuges and outdoor spaces are more important now than ever – a break from our stressful, tech-consumed lives. It is well researched that being in nature radically improves our mental health, just minutes from your doorstep. Nature is waiting for us to discover it, even in the most urban environment. Go on a night safari, make a worm farm or create a one-pot allotment. With 200 smart illustrations, this practical and accessible guide will expand your horizons and increase your appreciation of wild spaces, whether on the street, in the park, or in nearby nature reserves.

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers – 2022
Imprint: Pavilion
Language: English
Format: Hardback – 144 pages
Dimensions: 141 x 191 x 22mm – 370g
Illustrations note: 200 illustrations
ISBN: 9781911663898