The Weekend Colouring Book


No plans this weekend? This therapeutic coloring book captures the pleasures, challenges, and ridiculousness of modern weekend/leisure time activities in a sequence of illustrated scenes, captured throughout by the cartoonists Jon Link and Mick Bunnage.
Follow a cast of ill-fated and inept men and women attempting to make the most of their weekend and express your end-of-week frustrations by coloring in images depicting the joys of Saturday supermarket shopping, botched DIY projects, attending children’s sports games, visiting the in-laws, buying a takeaway and going out on the lash – the perfect catharsis in preparation for the looming spectre of Monday morning.

Publisher: Modern Toss Limited
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 64
ISBN: 9780992910747
Format: 31 x 20 cm

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