Rear Window


This is a colourful book about a neighbourhood in lockdown. From the balcony of her own flat, the illustrator and author Cecilie Maurud Barstad has observed, studied and drawn her neighbours during the COVID-19 pandemic. The compositions of the illustrations underscore the feeling of being someone who clandestinely looks and overhears. Through short texts and brilliant drawings, we gain insight into the internal and external life of various neighbours – their thoughts, dreams or anxieties, their longing, waiting and turning points. Here we find warm reflections from a time when everything was turned upside-down.

The foreword is written by Lene Renneflott, director of Grafill (an organisation that works to safeguard the interests of students and professionals working in the field of visual communication in Norway). Other contributors are the author Benedicte Meyer Kroneberg and the urban anthropologist and cultural writer Sondre Sommerfelt.

The book is designed by Nina Ansten and published by the art-book publisher Ansten Press. This is an exclusive edition consisting of 700 numbered copies, each one with sumptuous details. You can choose between four covers with different colours, bound-ribbon bookmarks and illustrations. The production focuses on sustainability and Norwegian crafting traditions.

Rear Window / Vinduet mot bakgården was awarded the gold prize (book category) in the competition ‘Visuelt 2021’. Here is an excerpt from the jury’s argumentation: ‘This is a highly relevant work that captures the spirit of the times for 2020 and 2021. […] The book is a solid piece of craftsmanship and is well thought through, with elegant solutions and design.’

‘It’s impossible not to be curious about this neighbourhood!’ –Lene Renneflott, director of Grafill

Languages: Norwegian / English

Author and illustrator: Cecilie Maurud Barstad

Additional contributors, text: Nina Ansten, Benedicte Meyer Kroneberg, Lene Renneflott, Sondre Sommerfelt

Designer and editor: Nina Ansten

Binding particulars: Hardcover with buckram on spine, sewn signatures, 160 pages

Dimensions: 175 x 245 mm, 692 g

Publisher: Ansten Press, Oslo

Publication date: 16 December 2020

ISBN: 978-82-692291-0-3





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