Enamel Mug Murakami Flowers


A vibrant and happy enamel cup, featuring artist Takashi Murakami’s iconic flower motifs wrapping around the entire) side of the cup.

Produced in limited supply, for / in relation to the exhibition Murakami by Murakami (10.02 – 14.05.2017).
Available exclusively at Astrup Fearnley Museet.

The handcrafted enameled mug is perfect for the outdoors, and work just as well for coffee, tea, water, or soup straight from the campfire. The high quality mug is made from steel and is twice immersed in enamel by hand, to create the strongest mug possible.

An enameled mug make for a perfect hiking companion, and should be brought by any art lovers venturing outside the city.

Note: Sold separately

Out of stock

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