Edition Nicole Eisenman – Egg on Toast

To order Egg on Toast, please contact: shop@afmuseet.no

Artist: Nicole Eisenman
Title: Egg on Toast, 2021
Material: pigmented paper pulp, styrofoam
Edition in 22 copies
Signed and numbered on the back
2 pencils included
Price: NOK 2,900 – (incl. 5% art levy and Norwegian VAT)


This edition, a peculiar pencil holder, was produced especially for the Astrup Fearnley Museet in the occasion of Eisenman’s solo-exhibition Giant Without a Body installed at the museum this spring. The exhibition takes a deep dive into Eisenman’s practice from 2006 to the present. Although best known for her paintings, in recent years Eisenman has expanded her practice with highly distinctive sculptural works that have attracted much attention. Both her paintings and her sculptures bristle with references to art history and literature, as well as to political and social issues. Mixing roughness with sensitivity, her work is always conceived with an astute and playful gaze.

Eisenman’s sculptures often consist of burlesque figures that reflect different styles of expression and use of material. Classical, highbrow art-historical references mix with the mundane, humour interweaves with seriousness. The yellow paper pulp scrambled egg in Egg on Toast is recognisable in several of her works, and is well described in Andrew Russeth’s review of her exhibition One Night Only, Arthur Peña, Dallas.