Sinziana Ravini on Leonard Rickhard

Sinziana Ravini on the practice of Leonard Rickhard

Free and open for all. The lecture will be held in English.

Writer and psychoanalyst Sinziana Ravini presents a new lecture on the practice of Leonard Rickhard within the context of Between Construction and Collapse. Drawing upon art history, psychoanalysis, and literature, among other disciplines, Ravini will consider the psychological and historical dimensions of Rickhard’s paintings, its dialectics between isolation and transformation.  

This lecture is part of a series of interventions over the spring of 2024, considering various aspects of the artist’s practice, including its spatial construction, the post-industrial landscape, and his impact on a younger generation of artists. 


Leonard Rickhard: Between Construction and Collapse

Throughout a long artistic career, Leonard Rickhard has cultivated a distinctive, easily recognisable style—a visual signature all of its own within recent Norwegian art history.