Women Photographers: Contemporaries (1970-Today)

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A compact survey of women photographers from 1970 to the present day.

With the rise of feminism, women photographers conquered the mainstream, with an increasingly commodified art world now viewing them simply as photographers and not merely a novelty or subcategory. Some women combined their photography practice with video, installations and other media, while others, such as Cindy Sherman, used the camera as a tool for questioning the concept of imagemaking itself. Others explore collective memory and the way it is imprinted on the landscape, like Sophie Ristelhueber in Lebanon and Kuwait, and Sally Mann in the United States. A rising awareness of environmental concerns has gone hand in hand with the issues of globalization and diversity.

Format: Pocketbok
Størrelse: 19.0 x 12.5 cm
Sidetall: 144
Publiseringsdato: 13 August 2020
ISBN: 9780500411179


Introduction by Clara Bouveresse • The Photographers: Barbara Morgan • Eva Rubinstein • Christine Spengler • Ming Smith • Sara Facio • Françoise Demulder • Francesca Woodman • Letizia Battaglia • Deborah Turbeville • Susan Meiselas • Cindy Sherman • Erika Stone • Markéta Luska?ová • Marilyn Bridges • Ouka Leele • Martine Voyeux • Jane Evelyn Atwood • Claude Batho • Cristina Garcia Rodero • Nan Goldin • Rosamond W. Purcell • Alix Cléo Roubaud • Sophie Calle • Anne Noble • Mari Mahr • Rosalind Solomon • Ruth Thorne-Thomsen • Flor Garduño • Sophie Ristelhueber • Linda Butler • Graciela Iturbide • Martha Rosler • Annette Messager • Zoe Leonard • Malekeh Nayiny • Mary Ellen Mark • Annie Leibovitz • Inta Ruka • Rineke Djikstra • Dominique Issermann • Carrie Mae Weems • Shirin Neshat • Yuki Onodera • Debbie Fleming Caffery • Martine Franck • Gladys • Sarah Moon • Lizzie Sadin • Jill Hartley • Françoise Huguier • Helena Almeida • Dolorès Marat • Sally Mann • Miwa Yanagi • Miyako Ishiuchi • Jo Ractliffe • Vanessa Winship • Hélène A. Amouzou • Malala Andrialavidrazana • Isabel Muñoz • Alisa Resnik • Dayanita Singh • Jungjin Lee • Ulla Jokisalo • Candida Höfer

About the Author: Clara Bouveresse is a lecturer at Université d’Evry Val d’Essonne and a photography specialist and curator. She co-organized the exhibition ‘Magnum Manifesto’ at the International Center of Photography, New York, in 2017, and edited the accompanying book, which was published by Thames & Hudson.