«Untitled» (Throat), 1991

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Production Year


While Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ intention was to leave the medium non-specific, there was a particular original candy chosen for each candy piece. The original candies chosen by Felix Gonzalez-Torres for “Untitled” (Throat) were as follows: Honey and Menthol Cough Drops, individually wrapped in blue-and-white wrapping. The original candies were manufactured by Luden’s. Felix Gonzalez-Torres intended for the work to be manifested with ease. Therefore, the above may be used as a guideline when choosing candies for manifesting the work. The priority when selecting a cough drop for manifestation should be the blue and white color of the wrapping over the flavor of the cough drop. Although it is imperative to allow third parties to take candies from the work, it is the borrower’s right and responsibility to determine whether candies will be replaced, when they will be replaced and how they will be replaced over the length of the exhibition. Felix Gonzalez-Torres made a clear indication that the title of the work be specifically punctuated. As such, it is requested that the work be listed as follows in borrower’s catalogues, on wall labels and in other texts: “Untitled” (Throat). If it is the borrower’s protocol to italicize or underline titles, the quotation marks must be included since they have a conceptual meaning. If it is standard practice for the borrower to include medium and dimensions in catalogues or on wall labels, it is suggested that the following text be used: Handkerchief and cough drops individually wrapped in white and blue wrapping, endless supply; 1 ½ inches at ideal height x 16 x 16 inches. It is inappropriate to indicate any additional details specific to this manifestation of the work and imperative that the words “endless supply” be included.