Untitled (Braker I)

Trisha Donnelly

Production Year


Untitled (Braker I), should have arrived to the museum completely intact with no assembly required. However, when installing, the fabric should be steamed smooth, and the hemline should be folded under so that the bottom of the piece plumes a bit. Please see the image attached for reference. The details for the work are as follows: Trisha Donnelly Untitled (Braker I), 2007 Embroidered fabric, steel, wheels 57-3/4 x 47-1/2 x 6² unique This work is part of a series of satin fabric sculptures on wheels, embroidered with digital versions of drawings. The works act as moveable barriers throughout the exhibition space. The two sculptures entitled, Untitled (Braker I) and (Braker II), were used by Donnelly during the opening of her exhibition at Casey Kaplan in 2007. She physically rolled the sculptures towards people to herd everyone out of the gallery and onto the street. Once people were forced outside, and the space was metaphorically cleansed, a sound piece, Untitled (Bells), 2007 was played inside the gallery.