Ernesto Neto – Intimacy

The art of Ernesto Neto may be described as sensory sculptures, spacious constructions that envelope the visitor and goes into dialogue with the architectonic surroundings. Transparent textiles, spices, Styrofoam, beans and plastic balls are included in abstracted installations that explore gravity and physical surroundings.

Neto is often described as a neo modernistic artist, but by introducing natural and organic elements, the artist has spurred an entirely new kind of formalistic language, rife with tender sensuality and uniquely democratic, social-political perspective. Ernesto Neto is, above all, an artist of his own time, liberally sampling from the modernist palette if only to continuously reinvent its vocabulary and extend it into new, unchartered directions.

In this exhibition we are presenting a selective body of Neto’s work from the past ten years. Our aim is to highlight the diversity of the artistic ideas, innovations and formalistic proposals within his oeuvre.