Bjarne Melgaard – Works from the Astrup Fearnley Collection

The Astrup Fearnley Collection contain some of the most important works by artist Bjarne Melgaard. November 20th the museum opened an exhibition presenting all the works by Melgaard in the collection.

Bjarne Melgaard has already achieved a unique position in Norwegian and international art with his expressive paintings, drawings and sculptures. Melgaard’s distinctive style and provocative themes have made ​​him a controversial yet highly respected artist. The exhibition shows works from the past 19 years and represents all periods of Melgaard’s oeuvre.

Astrup Fearnley Museet rotates on a regular basis the works on display from the collection. With this solo exhibition in the collection, we initiate an a new exhibition series in which we’ll present and highlight some of the most important artists in the collection. These exhibitions will be shown in Building 2: The Collection, and will have a duration of three months. Members of the Art Club are invited to the exhibition openings which are always held the evening before the exhibition opens to the public.

Curators: Gunnar B. Kvaran and Therese Möllenhoff