INFORMATION (Today) – Artist Talk

We would like to invite you to a conversation between the curator of the new INFORMATION (Today) exhibition, Elena Filipovic, and two of the artists included in the show; Tobias Kaspar and Gabriel Kuri.

The conversation will introduce the concept behind the exhibition and shall dive deeper into the artworks and individual perspectives of the artists.

It will take place in the Kiefer hall, part of the Astrup Fearnley Museet collection wing. The talk will be in english. If you would like to see the INFORMATION (Today) exhibition prior to this event, you can show your ticket and get free admission from 18:00.

Image: Tobias Kaspar, No Logo (Nike, Sunset), 2020. (Section)



Encrypted networks, digital currencies, artificial intelligence, data harvesting, algorithmic biases, sentient machines—all are products of twenty-first-century data-based capitalism. The proliferation of information, and data’s nebulous modes of circulating and being processed, fundamentally shape daily life now. INFORMATION (Today) is a group show featuring contemporary artists seeking to unravel this phenomenon.