Baby Tour

Baby tour of Leonard Rickhards exhibition “Between Construction and Collapse”

The tour is arranged for parents with children aged 0–2 years old. One of our educators will take you on a 45 minutes journey through the exhibition. We recommend using a baby carrier.

Throughout a long artistic career, Leonard Rickhard cultivated a distinctive, easily recognisable style—a visual signature all of its own within recent Norwegian art history.

This exhibition both reviews an artistic practice spanning half a century, while demonstrating how Rickhard has tirelessly pursued his painterly project far into its sixth decade. The exhibition provides a rare opportunity to experience the full breadth of Rickhard’s body of work, including several first renderings of his familiar motifs. Among the most recent works are new versions of the model plane constructor, a motif Rickhard has returned to for over forty years, as well as two monumental, site-specific paintings, which will be the most ambitious he’s ever created.

The tour is included in the entrance ticket.

Conducted in Norwegian.


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