“Untitled” (Blue Placebo), 1991

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Production Year


Verket er unikt og ledsages av et autensitets- og eiersertifikat, signert av kunstneren. Each time this or any candy work by Gonzalez-Torres is exhibited a “manifestation” is created by choosing a readily available candy using the original candy as a guideline. To allow for Gonzalez-Torres’ preferred ease of manifestation and also to save on shipping costs, the candies are often ordered locally. When exhibiting the work the owner or borrower makes decisions about how the work is installed (ideal shape and weight are flexible) and how often the candies are replenished. So a decision can be made not to replenish the candies and allow the work to completely disappear or a decision can made to replenish the candies at a certain rate and that rate is maintained throughout the course of the show. Also, please note that the work can be manifested in more than one location at a time. It is imperative that there be no separate referential text indicating that a visitor must take candies from the work. Felix wanted the viewer to make that decision for themselves. However, in order to limit the number of candies each visitor takes, a guard may indicate to visitors that they may take one piece, or if preferred, a very small notation on the exhibition wall label can indicate, “Please take one”.