DD-2 is an oil blend, a calming scent for your home

Together with Danish flooring pioneer Dinesen, Sissel Tolaas has developed a scent that encapsulates the essence of the Douglas fir. Apply a few drops on the object and feel all your senses awaken when surronded by the smell of fresh wood.

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Whether it is taking notes at school or at work, enjoying a good sketching session, jotting down ideas, keeping a journal, or writing down your favourite recipes – we’ve got the perfect notebook for you!

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Capture and remember important moments of your life with the Smell Memory Kit (SSSL)!

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Be it a need for something beautiful to rest your eyes on, or to lively up your walls, we have a wide selection of art posters, at a very fair price.

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Meet the designers
Romy & Ilja

Studio ROOF started with our life as parents of three. It was observing the creative and colourful outcomes between us and our children that originated our first products. That reaffirmed our belief that imagination and playfulness are not only connected to childhood but are a key element that pervades every aspect of life, at all ages. We have been working as a team for fifteen years, committed and passionate about what we do, developing pieces that open up new possibilities, with simple yet beautiful design. Our starting point is paper, a material with infinite possibilities. Through the filter of imagination, a world unfolds in our cardboard products.

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