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Whether it is taking notes at school or at work, enjoying a good sketching session, jotting down ideas, keeping a journal, or writing down your favourite recipes – we’ve got the perfect notebook for you!

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Little Sun: a brightly lit solar lamp designed by artist Olafur Eliasson. Perfect for camping and the outdoors, or simply as a little nightlight at home or at the cabin.

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Be it a need for something beautiful to rest your eyes on, or to lively up your home office, we have a wide selection of art posters, at a very fair price.

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Tonje Paus

I am interested in the spontaneous, humorous, sometimes grotesque and vulgar sides of existence. I am drawn to the contradictory, somewhere between the instinctual, animalistic, bodily, and the learned and mastered. I often work with plaster, which gives me amazing opportunities to steal surfaces and expressions belonging to other worlds, with great precision. Through the plaster’s properties, I can additionally move the focus, push conceptions, changing a recognizable object’s function. 

I did my apprenticeship in Spain and hold a BA in Medium- and Material-based Art (ceramics) from Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

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