Astrup Fearnley SHOP presents: BJARNE+BJØRG

19.00 - 22.00
Astrup Fearnley SHOP
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Astrup Fearnley SHOP invites you to the launch of the unique jewelery collection signed artist Bjarne Melgaard and jewelery designer Bjørg Nordli-Mathisen on Friday 25 November at 19.00!


There will be an Artist Talk with Bjørg and Bjarne at 19.30, followed by a party at Vingen Bar, who will serve special drinks for the occation.

The collection is based on drawings, sketches and text created by Melgaard, and consists of more than a hundred unique jewelry pieces. All are based in 925 silver and 18 carat solid gold, studded with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and gems in colorful combinations. Here is Melgaard world recreated in miniature scale. The collection consists of exclusive, "one of a kind" jewelry. This collection is sold exclusively at Astrup Fearnley SHOP 25 - 27 November.

A smaller part of the collection is produced in a limited but bigger editiosn, and these pieces are sold exclusively in the Astrup Fearnley SHOP until January 1 2017.

In collaboration with art director and artist, Babak Radboy (US), this is also the launch of the Bjarne Melgaard + BJØRG 2017-calendar, which will also be available in the Astrup Fearnley SHOP. With miniature pigs as jewellery and calendar models, every month portrays a new scenario of artist Bjarne Melgaard's life! A mustsee! 

The launch is free and open to all! Welcome!


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