Interview with Meg Cranston

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The strange thing about my work is, the more order and control I impose on it’s manufacture, the more light hearted it appears.- Meg Cranston
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Interview with Nicole Miller

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As a visual artist working primarily in video, Nicole Miller addresses the issue of identity and self-understanding, her point of departure in the presentation of African American figures in popular culture, and explores the influence Hollywood films have on our cultural identities. In this interview, we have talked with Miller about her work Anthony Aquarius, which is on view in the exhibition Los Angeles – A Fiction.
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Interview with John Divola

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"These photographs are not meant to be documents of painting, or sculpture, or even of environmental works. When photographing the space I saw my painting as only an aspect of what was there." –John Divola
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Interview with Brian Calvin

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"Although I am an image based painter, I am not interested in producing representational paintings. I don't paint figures in order to create narratives, to "tell stories". I think of images as obstacles. They are complications and I then use the process of painting to find some kind of idiosyncratic resolution. Rather than creating abstract works, I prefer to experience abstraction through the repetitive tending of images." -Brian Calvin
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Nicolas' recommended reading list

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Nicolas Garait-Leavenworth is the curator behind the literary program of the exhibition "Los Angeles – A Fiction", and a specialist within Los Angeles-literature. In the following list, he gives us exclusive tips on some of his best book recommendations associated with the city’s diverse literary production. For those who are interested in exploring L.A.'s extensive literary production, this may be an excellent place to start!
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Interview with Stanya Kahn

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Stanya Kahn is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in video with a practice that also includes drawing, sound design, writing and performance. Humor and the uncanny emerge as central modes in her practice that seeks to re-work relationships between fiction and document. In this interview, we have talked with Kahn about her works in the exhibition "Los Angeles – A Fiction".
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